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S H I P P I N G / I N S T A L L A T I O N



Both national and local delivery / installation options are available. For shipping, our team builds custom crates for the safe transport of bulk or out-of-state deliveries. If TOC Artwork is not installing the art, we include a packing list and floor plans marked with artwork locations to help installers.
We can ship one piece or hundreds of pieces of art at a time and are confident in their safe arrival.



You've invested in wonderful art.

 It needs to be hung safely, at the right height, conscious of furniture, doors, fire alarms, or other situations. TOC Artwork's trained installers will make sure this important final step of the project is handled properly, carefully, and efficiently.



Our in-house installation team has hung thousands of pieces of art and know the standard hanging and safety practices for corporate, government, healthcare, and senior living facilities (including security hardware). 

The TOC Artwork installers can handle even the most difficult installations with assurance.

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