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TOC Artwork takes pride in professional quality artwork installations.  We are committed to delivering and installing your artwork in an efficient, safe, and professional manner.  In order to ensure undamaged artwork and a successful installation, we ask that you meet all of the following requirements before the artwork installation takes place.


  • Construction MUST be completed.  No hard hats, dust, construction equipment, etc. 


  • Final wall treatment must be completed on all walls receiving artwork.  Touch-ups can still take place however, final coat of paint must be completed and dry.


  • All furniture must be placed and installed.  If furniture is still being moved around, it’s much more likely for art to get damaged.  Also, final artwork locations within a room are based on furniture locations.  All boxes & packing materials should be removed so the space is clear.


  • Final flooring treatments must be installed in all rooms receiving artwork.  Carpet, tile, etc. must be fully installed. 


  • Final Ceiling treatments must be installed in all rooms receiving artwork.  Paint, ceiling tiles, etc. must be complete.


  • Lighting must be installed in all rooms receiving artwork. 


  • All appliances (copy machines, refrigerators, etc.) near an artwork location must be installed.


The purpose of these requirements is so that we can guarantee a quality product and that the art does not get damaged prior to client move in.  If any of the above requirements listed are not met prior to your scheduled artwork installation, TOC Artwork will not be held responsible for any damages to the artwork. 


We suggest that you schedule your artwork installation after furniture installation is 100% complete and prior to your client occupying the space.   

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