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May Featured Artist - Noah Desmond

We are thrilled to announce that our Featured Artist for the month of May is Noah Desmond.

Inspired by nature, Noah has an impressionistic style that borders the edge of abstraction. He creates landscapes and florals with bold colors and a sense of movement that draw you deep into the work. His energetic compositions are rendered with vibrant color, vitality, and spontaneity. Noah’s textured canvases are created by layering pigments with both palette knife and brush, resulting in exciting landscapes, rich in depth and vibrancy.

This brand new piece by Desmond is hanging in the TOC Artwork showroom. It is a highly textured 48x48 original on canvas. The soothing color palette is truly outstanding.

After graduating from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and receiving a BFA, Noah attended Chicago Institute of Decorative Finishing, and School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Noah has won many regional awards and scholarships, such as the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Merit Scholarship and the Blatz Foundation Scholarship. He is recognized for his painterly approach and freshness to his work, earning him a place in corporate as well as private collections. Noah is available for special commissions including onsite murals and frescoes.

One of Noah’s most successful gallery showings was in 2014 at the Thornwood Gallery in Houston, TX. His specific subject matter is particularly appriciable to the Texas audience, since many of his works feature cattle and pastoral settings. Perhaps it makes the viewer feel at peace.

Perhaps it makes the viewer feel like home. Maybe it’s just the familiarity with the picturesque Midwest American landscape that puts people at ease when they view his work. Noah’s palette is vibrant and deep. But look to the sky in most of his works for a subtlety that calms and soothes. The blues, muted down with neutrals gives a surprisingly realistic feel to his clouds and sunsets, providing a balance to the rich colours of the foreground.

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