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APRIL/MAY Featured Artist: Aly Ytterberg


Hello all! My name is Aly and I am the artist behind YtterbergStudio. I am an abstract painter who lives in St. Louis with my husband, baby boy, and crazy calico cat. I am a full-time artist and full-time stay at home momma, so I guess the reality is that I am a nap-time and bed-time artist at this stage in life! My degree is actually in Sculpture (from WashU here in St. Louis) which I still dabble in every now and then, but my work currently focuses on abstracted landscape and nature paintings.



My current body of work focuses on abstract, minimalist landscapes. I break down images of nature into their simpler forms and colors in order to help us to see the world around us in a new light.

I start by taking a landscape photograph from a trip or hike or other excursion. I then pull out the colors and basic shapes from the photograph to create an abstracted version of the landscape. My paintings require a lot of tape, numerous layers of paint, and a methodical working practice. My favorite part of the art-making process is getting to stand back and see the finished landscape coming through in the simple shapes and forms.


Recently finished commission in collaboration with TOC Artwork for

NGK Law Firm located in St. Louis, MO


Recently finished commission in collaboration with TOC Artwork for

Menno Haven Life Center in Chambersburg, PA



TOC Artwork is the proud owner of this recently completed Geode series painting by Aly Ytterberg ... 30x30" Original Acrylic on Canvas


A fun new collection that focuses on bold color palettes and spiraling geometric forms. Some people see roses, others geodes, others vortexes and black holes. Whatever you see, these original paintings definitely bring a bright and bold pop of color!


Thank you Aly for brining color and joy to our world!


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