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NeoCon 2018 Top Trends

We were excited to get the opportunity to attend NeoCon this year in Chicago! We are often asked by those that we work with why we attend NeoCon. As an art consulting firm, is there a benefit? The answer to this is very simple ... We go to get inspired. We travel the country throughout the year for art industry shows as buying trips and to get introduced to new artists to work with. We travel to NeoCon to get inspirited and to keep up with the current trends in the industry. "NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry's launch pad for innovation -- offering ideas and introductions that shape the built environment today and into the future." This year NeoCon celebrated 50 years since it first began in 1969. Year 50 was quite the success, and we can home truly inspired by the new trends.


Let's talk about the trends that we saw and how this will shape the way that we source and select artwork for our upcoming projects.


Trend #1 . . . Classic Black & White

If you attended NeoCon, you might be thinking "Are they crazy? Color was the name of the game this year!" We will get to the color conversation later as color truly was the name of the game. However, we noticed that when it came to the artwork, the predominant theme was the very clean and classic black and white palette.

Simple and yet stunningly beautiful. We call it the simple black dress affect.

Trend #2 . . . Hello Nature!

Plants, plants, moss, and a few more plants! Brining the outside indoors was an overwhelming theme that we saw at NeoCon. Nature elements have become the focus rather than playing a back seat role to every other design element. Plants are no longer the accent but are now the centerpiece acting as sculptural wall elements. It is exciting to see the life and beauty of the outdoors living within the commercial space. It was also inspiring to see the dynamic ways that plants can be applied.

Trend #3 . . . Simple & Sophisticated

When it came to the artwork that we saw at NeoCon, simple and sophisticated was the common voice. This theme was evident in the colors, the content, and even the finishing touches of framing. Simple framing techniques were used to finish the artwork that allowed the art itself be center stage. We also couldn't help but notice how many natural wood frames we saw on framed artwork. Natural wood tones are quite popular right now in the furniture industry, and it appears as if the artwork industry is following suit. We have always adored the "no fuss" approach to framing.

Trend #4 . . . Texture. Pattern. Dimensional.

In an effort to bring the hospitality and residential feel into the corporate

environment, texture and pattern have been incorporated in unique forms. Wallcoverings and fabrics have dynamic textures, colors, and patterns adding a lot of interest and life. Dimensional wall and ceiling elements can act as functional sound absorbing materials and also beautiful as sculptural artwork.

Our personal goal at TOC Artwork for 2018 is to "Break Outside the Frame", and we love that NeoCon did just that. Thank you for the eye candy and inspiration!

Trend #5 . . . No fear of Color

Take the rainbow and throw a sepia filter over it ... Ta da, you shall have the colors of NeoCon 2018. There was certainly no fear of color this year throughout the showrooms, and the common thread was the richness in tone. The comforts and familiarity of the residential feel have weaved their way into the commercial

environment. The predominant colors that we saw were rose/dusty pink, deep greens, mustard yellow, and warm grays. The colors of the earth came alive!


And that's a wrap on our NeoCon 2018 "wrap up" of the top trends that will transform the way that we select artwork. Get ready to see these ideas at work in our upcoming projects!


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